happy "no new things" day 2021!

happy belated third(ish) “no new things” day!

in 2018, i chose oct 1 as no new meetings day. in 2019, i expanded the boundary beyond meetings to all new commitments. i also learned in 2019 that alexis flanagan has a similar practice except on the fall equinox. inspired, i updated my practice. in 2020, i added in a reading schedule that ramped me up to a glorious 1h/day.

and here we are in 2021. i feel pretty excited about celebrating the third year of this and i’ve gotten so feedback (much positive and some negative) about this practice and that in and of itself feels useful.

today i’ll share a few thoughts that feel present in this moment but feel free to dig into the posts from past years for more.

phew! thanks for listening. that was much longer than i anticipated but you know, sometimes you just get flowing.

i wish you well in the rest of your year and if you chose to adopt the practice of no new things this year or ever, let me know how it goes for you!

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funny! this post is exactly the same word count as my 2020 no new things day post.