happy "no new things" day

team! we evolvin!

last year, i started a new practice: “no more meetings this year” day. because i plan out meetings and things about six weeks in advance and i try not to plan anything after the thankstaking holidays, the beginning of october is the end of my ability to plan meetings for the calendar year.

but i’ve also been on a multi-year journey to align my life more with the earth and seasons. it started with seasonal eating but has expanded to all sorts of life places.

a few weeks ago, i was on one of our transformative networks calls and alexis flanagan shared that she doesn’t plan any new work after the autumnal/fall equinox. i had two strong reactions. first, i felt deeply validated! someone as dope as alexis had a practice that resonated with something i found to be useful? i must be on to something! then, i realized that the equinox was a planetary date and oct 1 (my “no more meetings this year” day) was gregorian and, therefore, somewhat arbitrary. (sidenote: here’s a beautiful image of just how arbitrary the equinox isn’t)

and so, just like that, i have switched! thank you, alexis.

and now that i sit and think about it, the phrase “no more meetings this year” feels clunky and flat. i need a new frame… i’m not yet really settled on anything but here’s what i’ve got for now (and done is better than perfect):

the fall equinox is now my “no new things” day. this is the day where i will begin saying no to (almost) everything i am invited to for the rest of the calendar year. my reasoning for this is inspired by alexis flanagan, my own experience, and farmers everywhere for all time (yes, i know you can grow some things in the winter…). at a certain point each year, i have learned, it is not useful to start new work/projects. the fall is full of holidays from all traditions and people’s travel and ritual plans make it hard to schedule group meetings and work. i have learned that it is useful to focus energy on finishing the things i have started. it is also useful to begin clearing space to reflect on the past year and planning into the next one. so! if you invite me to something after sept 23, know that the “no” you receive isn’t you, it’s me. ;)


ps - this no new things framing i’m realizing is also deeply tied to the idea of “enough”. i’m excited for me and my friend, caroline, to host some conversations about “enough” in 2020. stay tuned for that. pps - if you’re looking for support on reflection about 2019 and visioning & planning 2020, check out 2020 vision, the reflection retreat i’m co-hosting with my friend, maureen!

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