couple coincidence: younger firstborns with older lastborns

ok so this is a WILD fling of a thought that is mostly hilarious but might have glimmer of something valuable in it somewhere…

i was at brunch a few months ago with most of the guys and our partners in my men’s group (present: me, carla, malcolm, mikaela, nadav) (missing: rachel, eli, and david). nadav has been saying for years that he thinks we really need to be talking about birth order in our organizational & organizing spaces. he thinks the way those patterns shape us are more important than most of us allow for. (i tend to agree with him that those forces of shaping are real though i’m not yet sure just how much they matter…).

so as we were going around the table talking about our birth orders, a fascinating pattern emerged: in multiple of our pairs, the older partner was the youngest in their birth order and the younger partner was the oldest in their birth order.


we started to talk a tiny bit about how and why that pattern might exist and those memorable thing that stood out to me was a possibility around dynamics among who learns it’s their responsibility to do care (firstborns) and who learns its their role to be cared for (lastborns).

anywho, i have no idea how much water this holds and i know it’s not even close to 100% of couples i know. but i’m curious… does this track for you and your partner/s?

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